Activity 401a: Finding out about usability or accessibility

Posted: February 21, 2011 in Comp2142

One common error that was found is that navigation isn’t specific enough. This is a great error for both usability and accessibility as it is likely to put users off and cause confusion. To avoid this actually plan what each page is and then think of something which perfectly describes it. Another common error is that the website is not readable because of poor spelling and punctuation. For someone who is finds reading to be hard this can cause issues so it is very important that the text is all read through before publishing to make sure errors can be rectified.

Consistency is always an element that it is important as it allows users to find there way around a site much more effectively. In the past people have differed their layouts between different pages with similar elements which the pages should have had the same layout and colour schemes used. Also providing the user more control over the websites layout such as allowing the font size, text colour, background colour can especially help users who have disability’s such as colour blindness or dyslexia.

Another good method to help improve is to actually test the website to make sure it works. If it is published online without testing their is a good chance that aspects may not work that could have been simply rectified although by the time you are alerted it could be too late.

I used research from this website to backup these claims.


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